Top 10 ETRM Solution Companies in UK- 2019
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Top 10 ETRM Solution Companies in UK- 2019

The energy industry caters to almost every vertical in today’s hyper-connected world and it has always been subjected to the constantly changing needs of companies. To ensure smooth operability, energy companies employ energy trade and risk management (ETRM) solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximise profits. Every organisational process, which comprises managing complex energy trades; mergers; portfolios of various assets; mitigating external and internal risks; moderating deal settlements; and invoicing, constitutes only a few of the many functions that an ETRM application offers. It is a mean to conduct holistic, enterprise-wide management of all physical and financial trades alongside the lifecycle of an energy commodity.

The criticality of ETRM solutions arises when power and other utilities companies face unwarranted situations concerning energy prices and intricate transmission networks systems along with evolving regulatory and compliance policies. The chances of an organisation leaving their bottom lines susceptible to numerous risks are significantly higher without an appropriate countermeasure. With effective ETRM solutions, organisations are equipped with clear visibility of various energy portfolios and their consequent market positions. It thus allows C-suite executives to strategise a wide array of operations, improve compliance, business analytics for large MNCs, and accounting as well. With time, companies are beginning to view ETRM systems as the silver bullet in asset management, which also ensuring the safety of all data within their digital infrastructures. Additionally, with features like sophisticated scheduling, stress testing, and other advanced risk management techniques, back-end operators are empowered with real-time data inputs of vital information from the original trades up until the end of their lifecycle.

ETRM solutions have now been a part of the broader wholesale energy trading application landscape for around 20 years, evolving in step with both business and technology trends over that period. With an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.5 per cent between 2018 and 2024, the ETRM marketplace expected to expand continually and consistently—especially in the oil and gas industry. The numerous solutions made available to energy corporations have now developed and evolved in order to deliver intraday capabilities, which promises robust and expeditious functionality throughout an organisation’s workflows. And, with the pace of digital adoption at an all-time high, speed is of the essence as quick trading paves the way for newer, more lucrative opportunities throughout the industry.

On that note, we have listed some of the most promising ETRM solutions providers that are spearheading the charge toward fulfilling the rising demands in the marketplace.

In this edition of Energy CIO Insights, we present to you the “Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers in UK – 2019.”

    Top ETRM Companies in UK

  • Aspect Enterprise Solutions (earlier OILspace) was founded in 1999 to harness the new technology innovations. The aim was to provide energy companies a competitive advantage while accelerating the technology adaptations in the oil industry, where change was slower than other sectors. In 2009, Aspect Enterprise expanded into broader commodities markets, including metals, steel, biofuels, coal, and agriculture. Today, the company offers an enterprise/commodity trade risk management (E/CTRM) solutions suite and market data enterprise for users to perform pre-trade and trade analysis as well as risk and operations management in one system. Aspect Enterprise’s architecture is built from the ground up to support robust technology systems for the industry professionals globally

  • Contigo provides a portfolio of ETRM solutions for all the entities in the energy value chain, including firms involved in energy generation as well as wholesale and retail trading. Since the launch of its flagship product, enTrader suite, in 2009, Contigo’s customer base has expanded to include many of the UK and Europe’s asset-heavy brokers, retailers, financial institutions and utilities. Preconfigured for the European energy market with ready-to-use functionality, enTrader can be implemented in the cloud-based SaaS or on-premise solution to support all energy market derivatives. enTrader is extensible and can be customized to meet each customer’s individual requirements, while allowing them to benefit from fast and standard upgrades

  • emdash specializes in the management and operation of application environments. The company stands as experts in the technical configuration and setup across the applications.With an ability to deal with the challenge of simplifying complex applications, the emdash framework makes it possible for its clients to add new applications quickly or adapt existing modules. The company showcases unmatched dedication for its customers and their individual needs; a factor that constitutes a key differentiating edge for the company. The emdash product portfolio is segregated into specific functionalities offered by the company including cloud computing, DevOps, system monitoring and end-to-end application management

  • KWA Analytics is a unique and independent specialist Openlink consultancy, bringing consulting and delivery skills to the ETRM ecosystem to address the intricacies faced by customers in this space. KWA’s comprehensive range of Openlink services in the ETRM space includes consulting, auditing, training, support, upgrades, and test automation. The KWA team provides deep market and Openlink functional expertise, advice on industry best practices, optimal Openlink configurations, and recommendations to integrate Openlink into an existing application landscape. For businesses planning an upgrade and looking for early testing or defect resolution, KWA has also designed an automated testing framework to work with Endur/Findur

  • Allegro Development

    Allegro Development

    As a global leader in commodity trading and risk management software, Allegro Development Corp. provides power and gas utilities, crude oil refiners, chemical manufacturers, oil and gas producers, agriculture companies, traders and commodity consumers. Allegro’s software is built to provide users with position visibility, risk management, comprehensive controls, and regulatory compliance. Its enterprise platform drives profitability and efficiency across the front, middle, and back offices while managing the complex logistics associated with physical commodities. The company’s CTRM software platform is designed to enable the rapid realization of customers’ business objectives and provide tremendous flexibility with minimal risk and disruption

  • Amphora


    Recognized as a premier software solution provider, Amphora Inc. provides commodity trading, logistics, and risk management in the global oil, refined, coal, ore, gas, power, metals, concentrates, agriculture and freight marketplace. Amphora, Inc. offers enterprise software solutions designed and developed for companies in this market. Their team includes some of the most experienced software designers, developers, and business analysts in the commodities industry today. Since their inception, the goal has been to provide the trading community with the most robust, user-friendly, enterprise-wide software package available. Amphora continues to launch new products that address customers’ needs and adjust to dynamic market demands

  • Baringa Partners

    Baringa Partners

    Baringa Partners is a distinct and exciting management consultancy with an award-winning culture. Their in-depth knowledge and industry experience allow clients to empower every business they work with to discover and fulfill their potential. They are home to innovative thought, design, and delivery. The company’s unique culture and approach to collaboration have been praised by clients, which runs through everything they do. Every person in the team possesses a drive and determination to help clients run more productive businesses. Baringa Partners is passionate about personal development so that they can help people realize their full potential

  • Enuit


    As an enterprise risk management solutions, Enuit provides energy and commodities to trading companies around the world. They give their customers complete visibility, insights, control, and management over their business operations. Subsequently, it helps them to have peace of mind to make quick and informed decisions that affect the bottom line. According to the company, every commodity, every feature, and every user are in one place. There’s no Third Party or Legacy System to integrate in-between and hence, they call it One Platform. Deal and trade types can be easily configured in Enuit’s ETRM CTRM solution: Entrade

  • Murex


    Since its inception, Murex has played a lead role in proposing effective technology as a catalyst for growth and innovation in capital markets.  Murex has devoted more than 30 years to the design, implementation, and evolution of integrated trading, risk management, processing, and post-trade solutions, leading to their third-generation platform, MX.3. Throughout the years, their vision has always been supported by two pillars: innovation and client partnership.  Their services are grounded on this culture and designed as long term partnerships aimed at assisting their clients in their transformation toward new avenues of growth

  • Openlink Financial

    Openlink Financial

    As an ION Investment Group company, Openlink embraces the challenges presented by a hyperconnected world, where big data and information are always evolving and always growing. Openlink delivers, on a single platform, a critical, consolidated view of enterprise-wide commodity and currency risk exposure. Organizations can now make rapid, smart decisions in response to market fluctuations with the visibility necessary to perform effective financial commodity hedging. Leaders get empowered with the insight required to reduce the operational risk, manage input price and currency volatility, and improve company cash flow and profitability.